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If working virtually is new for you - or you just want to optimise the performance of your existing virtual team - this workshop uses a behavioural lens to identify better ways of working together. You will be equipped to help each of your team members to understand themselves and their work preferences and be able to communicate those effectively to the rest of the team.

Working as a virtual team requires different thinking about how you interact and communicate. Most of our communication cues are picked up through body language and the tone and pitch of our voice. This is great when we’re co-located – but what do we do when we’re working virtually?

In this masterclass we’ll look at different communication styles, and scripts for discussing what works for individual team members to then agree on various approaches that work for all.

Our different personalities anchor our workplace behaviour. We’ll look at a general behavioural model to examine different personality styles and talk about the personality mix within the team and what that means for how you work. Additional tools are provided for you to take back to your teams.

We’ll provide you with some tips to help make your team hum by examining the interactions and norms you need to work most effectively together.

Learning Outcomes

Participation in this masterclass will help you to:

  • develop an understanding of individual working preferences and how they aggregate to create a cohesive whole
  • develop an appreciation of the team’s different working styles
  • use tools to maintain and apply this knowledge.


  • Reflection on previous teamwork
  • What makes effective communication
  • Different personalities and the impact on workplace behaviour
  • Ideal behavioural norms for our team
  • Commitment

Target Audience

Business owners and people leaders

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