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Business leaders generally agree on the importance of organisational culture and believe culture improvements would positively influence productivity, profitability, and innovation in their organisation. However, a lack of tangible ROI data makes the business case for investment in culture and people practices harder to justify compared to other organisational functions. For some, culture is regarded as a ‘soft’ topic – too intangible, subjective, and elusive to measure and track.

Effective leaders know that leaving culture to chance is not the answer. They purposefully and meaningfully connect and understand their organisational culture and ensure strong alignment by focussing on developing shared values, beliefs and behaviours.

This masterclass will demystify organisational culture and offer proven techniques and interventions to help leverage and transform your own culture. It will combine culture theory and research with practical tools and strategies to help you understand your own unique organisational culture and reveal what positive and negative reinforcing mechanisms are at play that may be enhancing or inhibiting organisational success.

Learning Outcomes

Participation in this masterclass will help you to:

  • define and articulate organisational culture
  • understand why organisational culture is important
  • create a strong culture using proven techniques and interventions
  • measure the ROI of organisational culture.


  • What is organisational culture?
  • Types of organisational culture
  • Culture reinforcement mechanisms – leadership, strategy and values
  • Techniques and interventions to help transform organisational culture
  • Measuring the ROI of organisational culture

Target Audience

Business owners and people leaders

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