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Nothing transcends the power of purpose for bringing intense clarity to an organisation’s key direction. Conversely, nothing is more damaging to attention than the lack of it, for where purpose has not been clarified, attention cannot be truly focused. A business guided by purpose offers more than an experience. It promises meaning, and successfully unites staff in a quest for excellence that bridges generations.

Thomas Edison wisely observed that ‘vision without execution is hallucination’, and yet 70% of strategic failures come from poor execution. In most of these instances, the strategy itself has been logical and well articulated. There may be several reasons why such failures still occur at the execution level, but at their core is the lack of clear attention management routines to marshal and manage collective attention throughout the execution process.

For too many organisations, their meetings disrupt rather than direct organisational attention. Why, for example, if different meetings satisfy different imperatives, and face different challenges, are they not conducted in entirely different ways? Why are the locations, the formats, and even the time frames mostly the same? Viewed afresh, through the lens of attention management, many organisations need a radical rethink of business meetings.

This workshop illustrates why clarity of purpose sets the direction of focused attention, why execution is the outcome of matching purpose with attention, and how using the Lencioni process for good meeting structures will advance the organisation’s purpose.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • differentiate between purpose, mission, vision and values
  • understand why clarity of purpose will drive future organisational success
  • see the role of purpose as the best filter to direct attention in a VUCA world (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity)
  • employ lead measures to bring the discipline of leverage
  • keep a compelling scoreboard that ensures execution
  • arrange different meeting types into different formats for strong attention
  • generate momentum toward Purpose by managing memorable meetings
  • use meeting conclusions as a critical part of attention focus.


  • Identifying authentic purpose
  • Enabling effective execution
  • Managing memorable meetings

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