Kirkpatrick Evaluation Proves Training Value

Since 2012 ODI has deployed Kirkpatrick Four Levels (R) in the design and evaluation of each programme it has delivered. Information about each of the four levels – L1 Reaction, L2 Learning, L3 Behaviour and L4 Results - has been collected in a consistent way across each programme; providing a substantial database across 138 programmes able to be usefully analysed.  

We have recently analysed that information as a research project, from which we have identified what works and what does not.  As a result we have made some significant changes to our programme design that improves their effectiveness and our clients' results.

Below is a download link to our summarised research findings.

If you would like the more detailed paper contact us at for a copy.

The download article originally appeared in Training & Development magazine February 2017 Vol 44 No 2, published by the Australian Institute of Training and Development.

Research Report download