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Kirkpatrick Evaluation Proves Training Value

Posted by Kyran Newell on 10/08/2017 12:26pm

Since 2012 ODI has deployed Kirkpatrick Four Levels (R) in the design and evaluation of each programme it has delivered. Information about each of the four levels – L1 Reaction, L2 Learning, L3 Behaviour and L4 Results - has been collected in a consistent way across each programme; providing a substantial database across 138 programmes able to be usefully analysed.  

We have recently analysed that information as a research project, from which we have identified what works and what does not.  As a result we have made some significant changes to our programme design that improves their effectiveness and our clients' results.

Below is a download link to our summarised research findings.

If you would like the more detailed paper contact us at for a copy.

The download article originally appeared in Training & Development magazine February 2017 Vol 44 No 2, published by the Australian Institute of Training and Development.

Research Report download

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