Greg Kirk


What would the benefits be for you, or your business, if the following were to happen?

  • Shorter, more productive meetings
  • Enhanced collaboration and teamwork
  • Increased creativity and innovation
  • Focused thinking for individuals and teams

This one-day workshop, facilitated by an accredited de Bono Thinking Systems trainer, will provide you with simple, practical tools that you can apply immediately in your business. The tools we share will help you think differently, approach challenges and opportunities in new ways and be more effective in how you work with others.

Six Thinking Hats is a simple, effective parallel thinking process that helps people be more productive, focused, and mindfully involved; a powerful tool set, which once learned can be applied immediately!

You and your team members can learn how to separate thinking into six clear functions and roles. Each thinking role is identified with a coloured symbolic ‘thinking hat’. By mentally wearing and switching ‘hats’, you can easily focus or redirect thoughts, the conversation, or the meeting.

Learning Outcomes

Participation in this workshop will enable you to:

  • identify and explain the six ‘modes’ of thinking that represent the six thinking hats
  • apply the six thinking hats to your real life and work challenges
  • decide on the best sequence to use the hats for creating the most effective solutions in your workplace
  • identify the situations where you can improve teamwork and communication
  • use lateral thinking tools to expand new ideas in your team
  • communicate with team members more effectively.


  • Introduction to Dr de Bono; Traditional Thinking
  • Six Thinking Hats®, hat by hat
  • Single hat use and practice
  • Short and long sequences practice
  • Lateral thinking tools – random word and concept extraction
  • Action plan and next steps

We held facilitated strategy sessions to ensure we were applying the Six Thinking Hat Process effectively with our NZ business. This structured approach led to much more creative thinking than in previous sessions and enabled the team to stay focused and cover significantly more ground.

Experiencing the wonderful Dr Edward de Bono’s Thinking Hats course has reignited and strengthened my knowledge of this superb management, thinking, problem solving and teaching tool.

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