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This workshop demystifies coaching and makes accessible the thinking and skills to apply as a layer over your existing leadership practice. You will be introduced to the art, heart and science of the leader as coach, and shown the approach to grow an organisational coaching culture.

After learning to think like a coach, we then look at your existing work, work practices and interaction and how you can weave that thinking into ‘being’. You are probably already doing much as a leader that could be considered coaching; a clearer understanding of the mindset allows you to be intentional about your existing practice and to develop your existing strengths.

As a leader you have multiple roles so this workshop shows you how to undertake all your tasks with a coaching perspective rather than coaching being a separate function or role. You will be introduced to tools and frameworks to support an organisational approach to coaching, and to support others to adopt the mindset and skillset you have been shown. The genesis of a coaching culture is a leader who coaches and sees the benefit being wider than just their team, this workshop provides you with the tools to share.

Pre-work will include an online behavioural DISC assessment that will be used during the workshop. This will assist you to develop insights into your interpersonal strengths and help develop your unique coaching approach.

Learning Outcomes

Participation in this workshop will enable you to:

  • develop a stronger understanding of ‘self’ and interpersonal style
  • think and feel like a coach - the Heart of Coaching
  • use coaching tools and approaches - the Science of Coaching
  • weave these mindsets and techniques into your personal blend and professional practice - the Art of Coaching
  • recognise when to coach as a leader (and when not to)
  • coach as a peer
  • influence the development of a coaching culture within your organisation.


  • Behavioural profile – DISC
  • How to measure the benefit of developing a coaching culture
  • The Heart of coaching – how mindset is the foundation to coaching
  • Coaching models and techniques – the Science of coaching
  • Creating your unique coaching approach through understanding your work context
  • Building a coaching culture, leveraging your personal experience and organisational knowledge.

We’ve worked with ODI over the last few years to deliver a range of tailored in-house courses for our businesses, ranging from Effective Communication through to Technical Report Writing. The quality and professionalism of the facilitators as well as their responsiveness to queries makes them a perfect development partner for our consulting businesses.

Kate Singleton, Manager People and Culture, Net Ltd

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