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CEOs, Managing Directors, and General Managers must lead their organisations through disruption and an ever-changing world that demands adaptability, resilience, and energy on unprecedented levels. In this context, it is essential to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of your Executive Team to thrive and find opportunities in this VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) environment.

The Executive Team Bootcamp is not a leadership course or training, but rather a focused review of the effectiveness of your Executive Team, identifying what is enabling it to perform and what is inhibiting it, and doing something about it.

Every executive leader has three sets of responsibilities they must fulfil concurrently:

Independent Responsibilities – functional roles
These are the things that are exclusively within each leader’s functional area of responsibility.

Dependent Responsibilities – targeted collaborations
These are the areas where Executive Team members must work in close collaboration with one or more of their colleagues, but do not require the input of all members.

Interdependent Responsibilities – the remit of the Executive Team
These are the collective responsibilities of the Executive Team which require high degrees of interdependence. This is the business of an Executive Team, for which they must take collective responsibility.

The most effective Executive Teams devote almost all of their meeting time and agenda to this.

Most Executive Teams get bogged down in functional independent and dependent priorities and so never make the leap to strategic effectiveness.

Over three sessions, team members will use robust feedback from the Lifestyles Inventory 360° feedback tool (LSI 1 & 2) plus a 1:on:1 professional coaching debrief to redefine what vulnerability and trust means around the Executive table. Team members will examine and coach each other on the leadership styles they use when things are going well and also those that emerge when they’re under the pump.

Then together you will identify and implement your answer to the great executive question - What is it, that requires us to come together interdependently and for which we are collectively responsible as a team?

Learning Outcomes

From your participation in this programme, you and your Executive Team will:


The Executive Team Bootcamp is rolled out in three sessions over a six-week period, working through the following stages:

Session One (1 day)

Session Two (1-2 days depending on team size)

Session Three (1 day)

We’ve worked with ODI over the last few years to deliver a range of tailored in-house courses for our businesses, ranging from Effective Communication through to Technical Report Writing. The quality and professionalism of the facilitators as well as their responsiveness to queries makes them a perfect development partner for our consulting businesses.

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