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How often do you come out of a work meeting wishing you’d said how you feel? Do you find it tough to work with people who get easily upset or angry? What about keeping yourself mentally strong during constant business changes, or helping others to feel motivated and engaged? This workshop aims to develop awareness and skills in emotionally intelligent behaviours in order to be personally and interpersonally effective. This enables you to manage your mood, engagement and stress levels in the workplace, as well as manage productive and effective relationships with others to optimise performance and productivity.

We could go about our working lives ignoring our emotions, unaware of how we really are or what is driving our and others' behaviour. However, by choosing to develop our Emotional Intelligence (EI), we can be much more effective for ourselves, our teams and our organisation.

Research shows that EI directly relates to an individual’s effectiveness and performance at work. EI has been found to be a critical factor in distinguishing high performers as well as an important ingredient for effective leadership and life success.

EI is a combination of attitudes, habits and skills which can be acquired, developed and enhanced, at any stage of life.

People with high EI typically:

This workshop focuses on the importance of EI and helps individuals to reflect on their own EI through a series of exercises, activities and discussions.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you will be better equipped to:



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