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Organisations are facing an environment that is more complex, dynamic and fast-paced than ever before. The ability of leaders to be able to regulate their attention, thoughts, emotions and behaviours in this context is critical, as well as to support others to develop these skills. This workshop introduces the practice of mindfulness as powerful tool to help enhance leaders’ awareness, focus, clarity, emotional intelligence, and resilience, in response to this challenging environment.

This workshop is science-based and highly experiential. A range of mindfulness practices and tools are introduced and guidance for establishing a regular and sustainable mindfulness practice offered.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to recognise how regular mindful practice can help you to:

  • improve decision-making by taking charge of your attention and maintaining focus in complex situations
  • enhance relationships and foster collaboration by being more present with yourself and others
  • skilfully manage impulses and reactions, maintaining poise in challenging situations
  • communicate mindfully to foster higher quality interactions and skillfully guide change
  • take broader, more empathetic perspectives that promote a compassionate organisational culture and emergent, bottom-up decisions
  • manage stress and employ self-care techniques to avoid burn-out.


  • What is mindfulness and how it can support leaders to better connect with themselves, others and the broader community
  • The science of mindfulness and how the brain can be shaped through neuroplasticity
  • Techniques for working mindfully with intense emotions and difficult thoughts in high-pressure situations
  • 'Micro-practices' that can be easily incorporated into leadership tasks
  • Strategies for stress management, energy, rest and self-care
  • The link between mindfulness, attention, focus and productivity
  • Bringing mindful communication to conversations, meetings and emails

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