Pulse Surveys

In these dynamic times, what you know about your organisation culture, climate and employee experience may be completely out of date. With lockdown, working from home, business restrictions and closures, and a refocus for many on home and family, there may have been some fundamental shifts in the employer-employee relationship of which you are unaware. And as we have seen through the media there have been many opportunities for a ‘gap’ to form between what senior leaders say and what operational leaders do – sometimes giving rise to a sense among team members that the organisation's values may be eroding. On the brighter side, we are seeing an increase in the community regard for some roles and sectors that are carrying more than their load at this time.

If you want to find out what has changed for your people, an online pulse survey is the way to do that. Typically, a pulse survey will contain ratings questions about the employees' current experience of the organisation, ratings questions about the ‘levers’ that drive experiences (to identify causes), and some open-ended opportunities for employees to comment on specific items.

A well crafted pulse survey requires a specialist to work with you to design questions and rating scales. It also needs an online survey platform to distribute electronic surveys and collect responses. The online platform means employees, whether working from home or the workplace, can easily participate; and paper forms can be used for those few who do not have any email access at all. Finally, it requires specialist expertise to report the survey in useful ways for senior leaders, including recommendations for interventions to improve the employee experience.

Once an organisation has completed a pulse survey, it typically takes some steps to improve employee engagement. It will then re-survey 6 to 12 months later to see if things have improved. After a first survey report, organisations appreciate the value of this new information stream that tells senior leaders how it really is, and become quite excited at the potential for further surveys.

We have both the organisation development specialists to co-design and report your survey as well as the online delivery platform.

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