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Vision, Vitality and Values for Time and Self-Management

Do you struggle to keep up with your workload? Do you continually feel stressed? Do procrastination and lack of focus hound you? We all encounter overwhelming days in today's busy workplaces, filled with numerous tasks and commitments.

The Paradox of the Compliance-Performance Balance

There is an unavoidable tension in a business between maximising returns and the cost of compliance with financial standards, green goals, equity values, physical safety, safety from harassment and bullying, Treaty obligations and maintaining honesty and ethics.

The Power of Storytelling in Business

I first became aware of the power of business stories while reading The Art of Possibility, by Zander and Zander. This motivated me to research what makes a great business story, and apply these learnings in countless situations over the last decade. I’m convinced that being able to share a good business story is an essential skill required by all leaders.

Pulse Surveys

In these dynamic times, what you know about your organisation culture, climate and employee experience may be completely out of date. With lockdown, working from home, business restrictions and closures, and a refocus for many on home and family, there may have been some fundamental shifts in the employer-employee relationship…

How to Improve Work Culture in Your Organisation

Culture in an organisation is the sum of the behaviours enacted by its people; that is to say, culture is the outcome of the aggregated beliefs, assumptions, attitudes, values and actions that are ‘normal’ and institutionalised in the organisation.

IBM Kenexa Exit has a Silver Lining

Last month one of the world’s leading employee engagement survey companies, IBM Kenexa, announced they would exit New Zealand in June. It must have been a shock for their customers to hear that they would no longer be supported, effectively leaving them looking around for what comes next.The situation is…

How Organisational Culture and Climate Impact Training Success

In our leadership training practice we are often confronted by programme results that are less than we would like to see. I say ‘confronted’, not because we face anger or resentment from clients - by and large they are happy with what we deliver - but because we take it…

It's all about Culture and Climate

The holiday period has given me the chance to review all of our ODI training deliveries over 2013, and it has been quite a ‘special’ review because for the first time we have real evidence from our participants’ workplaces about the changes made there as a result of our work.