Kathryn Jackson


Coaching for performance in the workplace has been identified as a key driver for developing and enhancing the performance of people, as a result of increased awareness of skills and capabilities and a greater sense of responsibility for using them in the workplace.

This workshop is based on the GROW coaching model, which is an internationally acclaimed model for structuring coach-like discussions at work. You will leave the workshop with new ideas for using coaching as a leadership tool and an understanding of when and how to apply a coaching model to your conversations at work.

The workshop contains materials for future reference including an eBook of coaching scenarios to support the most typical conversations that take place at work.

Learning Outcomes

Participation in this workshop will enable you to:

  • understand core coaching techniques including listening, questioning and measuring understanding
  • use the GROW model for planning and executing effective coaching conversations and to support some typical conversations you have at work
  • understand when coaching is appropriate (and when not to coach)
  • identify and overcome barriers to coaching at work
  • appreciate the effect that different learning styles can have on how we learn and grow
  • appreciate your own coaching skills and plan to develop them
  • understand the roles of formal and informal coaching conversations
  • use coaching strategies to improve performance on a day-to-day basis.


  • Benefits of coaching and overcoming barriers
  • The impact of learning styles
  • GROW as a framework for coaching at work
  • Identifying who to coach
  • Coaching for wellbeing
  • The Coaching Plan as the tool for action and monitoring
  • Core coaching skills
  • Speed coaching
  • Case study review

I'm applying focus time to recognise and prepare where coaching conversations can add value. I've also changed some of the questioning approaches I use when in conversations.

I talk more with staff about what they want to achieve. I've changed my approach when working with the team to give them more say in what they do, instead of me telling them what to do. I listen to and guide them when required.

I make a conscious effort every time I have a conversation with my team to use this new coaching method. I let them know what I am doing so they understand if the conversation appears different from usual.

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