Desirée Williamson


Effective communication underpins the smooth and harmonious running of every successful workplace. In the VUCA environment where change is the constant, our influence must be intentional, and communication is the currency! Achieving shared understanding and mutual purpose, with the inevitable disruption and tensions of a pandemic and the associated challenges of hybrid and remote working, means our communication must be strategic.

This workshop provides you with the strategic communication and influencing skills required to deliver key messages. As a result, morale, productivity and workplace relationships are enhanced, and the team has shared agreement on its culture and goals.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:


Nicky and I met on several occasions before we committed to engaging with ODI to provide a leadership development intervention. She made a concerted effort over time to really understand our organisation and our needs. ODI helped us to adapt their competencies framework to reflect our organisation, which they then used to run a 360 degree review with a group of our leaders. Once the review was complete, Teresa Callow held individual feedback sessions with each of the participants and then delivered a Personal Leadership workshop. Although I was not involved in the programme as a participant, I have had outstanding feedback about the work delivered, and we have committed to working with ODI into the future to further develop our people.

Vernon Lu, Managing Director, OCTA Associates

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