Desirée Williamson


Working well with others in a team allows you to solve problems, negotiate differences and find new and innovative ways of doing things that improve morale and enhance productivity. While most of us know this, it's not always that easy to make it happen. Understanding your work style and how you operate with the different styles of your colleagues, gives the team a platform to use your strengths to advantage and manage your weaknesses. As a result, the team develops trust and understanding.

This experiential workshop is designed to promote best practice through the presentation and application of the Belbin Team Roles concepts and the impact of group dynamics on teamwork. The interactive and practical exercises allow you to develop an understanding of your roles within your own team and across your organisation, so that you can capitalise on your strengths and maximise the team's collective output. You are encouraged to reflect on the concepts presented and your performance in your team.

Learning Outcomes

Participation in this workshop will enable you to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the diversity of roles within a team and the importance of selecting the best person to fulfill the required roles in your team
  • recognise the impact of your preferred Belbin Team Roles
  • acknowledge and utilise the strengths and skills that each individual brings to your team, and plan and delegate work effectively
  • define team roles and responsibilities so that each team member knows what he/she is required to deliver and the accountabilities of the role
  • recognise the communication styles that accompany various roles and communicate more effectively as a result
  • use skilled interaction to reach better quality team decisions
  • identify team strategies for problem solving within a team
  • build a team culture that will stretch and challenge your team in order to achieve organisational improvement.


  • Team dynamics and the impact on the team
  • Belbin Team Role theory
  • Current communication theory
  • Increasing self-awareness and understand others
  • Communicating effectively with different team members' styles
  • Capitalising on team strengths to develop win-win solutions


I think recognising some of the other leadership styles of our team has helped me to understand and interact with some of my colleagues more efficiently, especially the 'plants', and have more acceptance and empathy when working with them. I'm doing more listening before letting my brain kick in and trying to find solutions for everything.

I'm more mindful of staff members' strengths when allocating tasks, having a better understanding of how they work.

Really worthwhile! I was impressed with the presenter and her communication style. I feel I have more knowledge and tools to better myself and others.

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