Robin Rawson or Marshall Cowley


For many leaders, the management of things can take us away from the leadership of people. Both are prerequisites to effectively executing business strategy and creating highly motivated teams that can consistently and willingly ‘do the job’.

This workshop is based on the principles and practices of excellence in leadership and is founded on centuries of accumulated evidence from history, philosophy, science, ethics.

This two-day workshop will share that knowledge, inspire greater levels of self-awareness and self-discipline to enable competent managers to become better leaders.

Legacy Leadership has been designed to challenge both new and experienced leaders in their daily routines and decision making. The skills and techniques learned can be applied immediately to effect positive results both at work and within our wider communities of influence.

It aims to introduce a clearly defined system of skills and behaviours that will enhance all forms of decision making, delegation, communication and motivation.

Effective management and strong leadership skills are vital for executing business strategy and creating highly motivated teams, but all too often the day-to-day management can take us away from the leadership of people.

Applying accelerated learning techniques, you will be actively engaged in syndicate discussion groups, a wide range of current/relevant leadership scenarios, role plays, case studies and self-assessments. This workshop also encourages and facilitates a high level of critical self-reflection based on past performance and future opportunities.

On completion, you will be armed with an extensive Legacy Leadership master document for future use, back on the job.

Learning Outcomes

Participation in this workshop will enable you to:


I am far more self aware. I will not ignore or downgrade important issues due to time constraints. I am managing my staff in the Q1 to Q4 categories far more. I am acting more a as a mentor than in the past. The art of delegation is more important than ever.

I am more confident in my decision making and no longer feel I have to involve my colleagues and please them or their wishes if they do not suit the plan. I am more confident in confronting staff who are out of line and I show more recognition of staff who are performing to a high standard. I use more delegation to elevate my workload and allow time to lead my team - this is still on going.

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