Gay Pavelka


What do you do when confronted with people who emphatically disagree with you or each other? How do you respond to conflict in a way that acknowledges differences, creates collaborative discussions and results in a solution everyone can live with?  Being challenged and remaining effective in conflicts can be emotionally demanding without sufficient skills to give you confidence.

This workshop provides both a structure for understanding conflict and practical skills that make a difference so your future interventions can give results. You will gain increased confidence from learning and applying a range of approaches to turn challenging behaviour into objective or constructive discussions.

Learning Outcomes

Participation in this workshop will enable you to:

  • understand and diagnose the nature of the conflict
  • guide a discussion through the phases from problem to solution
  • apply practical tools that can increase confidence in responding to challenging behaviour.


  • Understanding the conflicts we work with
  • Steps to take discussions from conflict to cooperation
  • Skills to help people talk safely and build working relationships including:
    • finding common ground when we disagree with people
    • reframing  messages and the content of discussion from negative to constructive
    • how to say 'no' honestly and respectfully
    • being persuasive

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