Carolyn Bates


Effective conversations are the cornerstone of great leadership, strong relationships and improved performance, and hence business outcomes. This workshop will provide the foundations for leaders to have these conversations; both positive and constructive feedback conversations.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:


Getting the foundations right:

Effective conversations with colleagues and staff:

Positively connecting with different personalities:

I found this workshop very useful and informative and came away with some good ideas on how to proceed with performance conversations. I really liked Carolyn as a facilitator. With her background in HR, it was very interesting to hear and learn from her experiences and she made the course interesting and fun.

I have been delegating more and letting things go, putting more trust in my team to perform tasks and they in turn are feeling much more confident and empowered. I have also been recognising positive values behaviours in my team and in the wider department, and speaking up when behaviours are not in line with our values.

(Course participants)

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