Desirée Williamson


Presenters in the ‘digital age’ cannot be content to give pedestrian deliveries that simply parrot PowerPoint slides or repeat an outdated formula to presentation-weary clients or audiences. In order to connect with media-savvy and visually literate audiences, presenters must employ a vital and energetic style which builds rapport and truly engages the target audience!

This workshop provides the skills to deliver 'audience-centred' messages which communicate with persuasion, purpose and power. More importantly, these skills will enhance both your image and reputation as the presenter, and that of the organisation which you represent. As part of this workshop, you will receive detailed and personalised feedback from the facilitator.

Learning Outcomes

Participation in this workshop will enable you to:

  • understand the key aspects of communication theory and how to avoid barriers which distort your message and cause communication breakdown
  • understand the foundation blocks of voice production, and the role of breath control and posture
  • recognise the components of effective articulation and their importance to vocal delivery
  • use body language to maintain audience interest, to enhance message credibility, and to project confidence
  • develop rapport so that you 'capture the audience' and hold them 'captive' using an 'extemporaneous' style (prepared but not read)
  • research your client demographic and structure your message so that you present them with the message you want to send, and also the message that they will recognise as the one they need to hear
  • use a relevant template to structure your content
  • prepare and present effective presentations and social speeches (introductions, farewells and votes of thanks) for the workplace context
  • use relevant and effective audio-visual aids (notes, OHP, PowerPoint, etc) to support your presentations, connect with your audience and avoid 'PowerPoint karaoke'
  • answer audience questions with confidence and skill
  • reflect on and critically evaluate your own performance and that of others.


  • The foundation blocks of voice production
  • Flexible vocal skills that enable a vital and well-modulated delivery
  • Use of congruent body language to enhance messages
  • Techniques to create and maintain audience interest and rapport
  • Audio/visual aids that assist the presenter and avoid 'PowerPoint karaoke'
  • Practical presentation skills - individually and as a team
  • Critical reflection on performance
  • Detailed and relevant feedback in order to refine skills, and achieve your communication purpose

The materials were really useful. It was well structured with lots of revision and checking to see that we understood everything.

Great workshop, thanks for your energy.

Excellent presenter, approachable and easy to understand.

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