Carolyn Bates


Effective workplace conversations are the cornerstone of effective relationships to help create an improved working environment. This workshop will provide the foundations for all staff to have respectful conversations at work that are consistent with your organisation's values, and that tackle issues, while maintaining good workplace relationships.

Learning Outcomes

Participation in this workshop will enable you to:


Getting the foundations right:

Effective conversations with colleagues:

Conversations with different personalities to positively connect with each other:

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I now prepare better for making those difficult phone calls to customers; gathering all the information and getting any historical information that may relate to the matter. I am therefore more prepared and feel more confident.

I have become more empowered as a result of this workshop and I no longer carry others' poor behaviours.

I have been making an effort to be mindful in my conversations and to the person that I am speaking with ... this has made my conversations more meaningful because I have been giving my full attention and applying better listening skills.