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We live in an increasingly complex world dealing with a broad spectrum of sudden onset crises and slow creep disruptions. Climate change, technology advancements, demographic changes and geopolitical shifts, among many others, are challenging how we do business.

Despite this, we have a tendency to approach business in a very linear fashion. Our processes, procedures and strategies are designed simply with efficiency rather than flexibility and adaptability in mind, eg our traditional approach to strategy development involves setting a goal and then identifying steps to achieve that goal. But what if things change? What if the conditions we had assumed are different? What if we are hit by a crisis? Efficiency can be the enemy of resilience in a changing business environment.

This masterclass outlines how your organisation can plan to be adaptive in the face of change. It focuses on resilient strategy development, covering key elements such as flexible planning approaches, situation awareness, stress testing, and having a change-ready attitude.

A well-designed adaptive strategy will mean you always have a plan, no matter what the situation. In a crisis an adaptive, resilient strategy can mean you are able to quickly change direction and, better yet, take opportunities if they arise.

This masterclass is best suited to those in your organisation who will help shape and drive your business strategy.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this masterclass, you will be able to:


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