Vision, Vitality and Values for Time and Self-Management

Do you struggle to keep up with your workload?

Do you continually feel stressed?

Do procrastination and lack of focus hound you?

We all encounter overwhelming days in today’s busy workplaces, filled with numerous tasks and commitments.

In flatter organisations, leaders not only carry the load of leading and supporting their people, but they typically also carry an operational workload. This leads to competing pressures for your time and attention every day.

It’s no wonder, therefore, that you may have times of feeling overwhelmed, lacking energy, out of control, feeling as though you’re not doing your best in any aspect of your work, and losing sight of what is truly important to you.

Thankfully, there are ways you can get your life back in control, enhancing your focus and developing a fresh approach to managing your time and energy.

The following framework was developed with the aim of helping you to work towards values-based self-management and foster a sense of wellbeing, whilst boosting your productivity.

Vision - Cognitive Mastery

Life is an ongoing series of events that require order and clarity so we can control each event or situation, rather than it controlling you. It would be nice to think we are always in control of every event. The reality is however, that every day we are confronted with unexpected situations, circumstances and stressors that rob us of the control we need and want.

There are no quick-fix solutions to effective time and self-management. Gaining maximum control over the events of our life is all about the daily disciplines and routines that ensure we control the important events, rather than unexpected distractions controlling us.

Strategies that can help include planning and prioritising, managing procrastination, setting boundaries around our time and maintaining high event control.

Vitality – Vital Energy

Vital Energy relates to how we manage our physical energy in a way that optimises attention and productivity. By managing our energy levels, recognising when we are experiencing an energy deficit, and taking proactive steps to restore it, we can optimise our time management, enhance our focus and productivity, and maintain a greater sense of personal wellbeing.

Managing physical energy, taking breaks and engaging in relaxation techniques all help to optimise productivity and wellbeing.

Values – Inner Alignment

Inner Alignment involves understanding and aligning with one's values and finding meaning in our daily activities, to cultivate a sense of purpose and fulfilment. Inner Alignment is found when our work and life are consistent with what we value most.

When the events of our life are in harmony with our governing values, we become more productive and motivated. Conversely, when we find ourselves forced into or choosing events and tasks that are not aligned to what we truly value, we can become less productive and motivated.

Authored by Robin Rawson, our time and self-management specialist.

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