Strengthen Awareness and Build Effectiveness with DiSC®

So you think you know yourself and members of your team? How aware are you of what really motivates and stresses you and them at work? What impact does behaviour have on the workplace and customers? What if there was a way to speed up the process of understanding yourself and each other better to build effectiveness?

There’s a TOOL

Everything DiSC® is a tool to help individuals, teams and organisations to gain a snapshot of individuals’ behaviours. It is designed to deliver powerful insights in a simple and compelling manner. It can quickly create a common language for understanding and improving team dynamics and performance. Once people experience DiSC, they often see the world and others through a new lens. DiSC has the power to transform learners’ understanding of themselves and others, offering new choices for how they interact with the people around them.


Take a short 15-minute online quiz about preferred behaviours. A DiSC profile is created using intuitive software, tailoring questions based on an individual’s responses. This means that the DiSC assessment process achieves very high levels of reliability, validity and credibility. A very useful team report, showing the collective team profile, can also be automatically generated.

Start with ME

A personalised action-orientated report provides individuals with the opportunity to get to know their own unique style. It highlights their motivators and strengths and helps them to consider how they relate to others in various contexts.

About the TEAM

To get the maximum gain from DiSC, an interactive team workshop can help build team members to appreciate and accept that we all have different ways of working. Teams will learn how to leverage the various team members’ individual and unique behaviour styles for greater alignment to help achieve goals, and the chance to agree on strategies to enable team members to work better with each other is a key outcome.

The team conversations, building awareness and insight for both individual and team profiles, could sound like:

  • What are the strengths/pitfalls of this style in the team?
  • How would you describe this style on a good/bad day?
  • What motivates/irritates this style?
  • What would be one behaviour change the style could make to be more effective in the team?


Individual coaching and facilitated workshops using DiSC can be tailored to your individual, team and organisational needs. The tool can add value to further strengthen capability and engagement in workplace culture, values, coaching, communication, resilience, dealing with conflict, change management, teamwork …. and so the list goes on.

The conversation to get agreed actions could sound like:

  • What are the advantages and drawbacks of our dominant team style?
  • How does our dominant team style support and inhibit success?
  • How will we work together to get better results?
  • How will we work more effectively with our business partners?


We can administer the DiSC survey and provide both individual coaching and workshop facilitation to get actionable outcomes for individuals, teams and organisations. Contact Nicky or Kyran - 03 943 2373 or