Linzi Ebbage-Thomas


Real leadership takes a great deal of thought, commitment and insight as well as energy to bring out the very best in our people. It doesn't just happen. Many people are put off having difficult conversations and often avoid them.

Leaders today must be skilled at courageous conversations that:

The real work is in the conversation - an honest dialogue. Great feedback needs to be given frequently and consistently, not just at the annual appraisal.

Courageous conversations tackle the real issues - a difference of opinions, a challenge to the status quo, provision of honest performance feedback, a controversial message.

This interactive workshop focuses on building the skills to deliver honest performance feedback, each and every day as well as at the formal appraisals. It will also benefit other opportunities for courageous conversations. During the workshop you will practise delivering positive feedback and tough feedback, as well as building rapport using the skills of listening, non-verbal communication and questioning.

Learning Outcomes

Participation in this workshop will enable you to:

  • build effective rapport and sincere relationships with others, knowing that trust and respect are being developed
  • confidently articulate positive and developmental feedback in the spirit of genuinely helping
  • courageously offer frank feedback, skillfully delivered with clarity, conviction and compassion
  • feel confident that your team members know what progress they are making towards their goals throughout the year
  • confidently make a positive difference to your team members' levels of motivation and engagement.


  • When to have courageous conversations
  • Benefits of having courageous conversations
  • Skills for delivering effective feedback
  • Building strong rapport with another person in a genuine way
  • Planning for and structuring positive feedback conversations to encourage the desired behaviour incorporating the skills of building and maintaining self-esteem
  • Plan for delivering tough feedback in a developmental manner using the DESC model, incorporating the skill of empathy
  • Seeking suggestions for change rather than telling


During a courageous conversation with a colleague I worked at remaining focused on the problem at hand, resisting the pull of her emotions and preventing the situation from becoming personal. I had to work hard at remaining quiet and listening carefully to what she had to say. I was aware of my body language and tried to mirror her in a positive way.

It gave me confidence to challenge myself in how I seek information from people I deal with in business and specifically the use of body language and how it influences the words spoken. I've also created a plan for how to have that courageous conversation and get the desired outcome.

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