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How to Get Value from Coaching #2

In March 2017 I published How to Get Value from Coaching on our ODI website and in our e-newsletter. Since then, a lot has changed that has impacted the coaching space, including Zoom, work from home, higher stress, more uncertainty, and an increase in coaching capacity. Read on for an update of my March 2017 story to reflect the current reality.

5 Tips for Engaging a Great Leadership Coach

Coaching in work and leadership settings is an invaluable tool for developing people across a wide range of needs. Coaching is an unregulated industry so how can you be assured that the Leadership Coach you select is one of the very best?

How to Get Value from Coaching

One of the bigger 21st Century trends in learning and development is the increased use of coaching as a core component of development programmes. The weight of evidence is that coaching really does work.

The Importance of Coaching

A large part of being an effective leader at work is the ability to coach the people in your team. Most people, when asked, would say that they do coach their team members, but when they really understand what true coaching means, they realise that they actually don't coach. They…