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People Capability - 5 Key Questions for 2023

This article on people capability comes at a key time when businesses are struggling to recruit skilled staff. This isn't a new problem but has worsened in the last 2-3 years. Find out what you can do to manage this issue. 

Development of a Competency Framework

A competency framework is a structure that sets out and defines individual competencies (and related skills/behaviours) required by individuals for them to be effective in their job. It provides one of the most important tools for driving key HR and OD functions and can provide both efficiencies and improved performance…

360 Degree Reviews - How to Get it Right

360 reviews are in wide use as a tool to identify the strengths and development opportunities for an individual against a set of competencies and behaviours that are important in their role at work. The decision to use a 360 review process should be taken carefully.

Support for Strengths-Based Development

Self-awareness is the foundation of any leader’s development. Knowing what you’re good at helps you make good decisions about your career. Yet, as a society, we gravitate to the gaps – to where the deficits are. This is one reason people dislike performance reviews – they focus too much on talking about what needs fixing.

ODI HPWI Programme 2015/16 Delivers Results

ODI's High Performance Work Initiative (HPWI) programme was Callaghan Innovation co-funded and worked with four client organisations over the 15-month period to December 2016. The programme provided workshop-based diagnostics across the 10 Levers for High Performance Work; participative events at which SMT and others from client organisations discussed and rated…

ODI’s HPWI Programme Shows Promise

ODI has been rolling out its Callaghan Innovation-supported High Performance Work Initiative (HPWI) programme since October 2015 for the four organisations that have joined this inaugural programme. It is scheduled for completion by the end of calendar 2016. Indications are that it is providing good returns to the participant organisations,…

ODI 10 Levers for High Performance Work

ODI has worked with the Burke-Litwin Model of Organisational Change and Performance to create a set of diagnostics to help identify organisational strengths and development opportunities to achieve high performance work.  We have crafted a series of questions that test a business or organisation against global good practices in each…

Collaboration is Alive and Well in Canterbury

Yesterday, a group of Canterbury business and organisation leaders spent a little time with four outstanding collaboration practitioners and a subject-matter expert in that space. It was an unforgettable experience.

The practitioners, Duncan Gibb, GM, SCIRT; Vince Barry, CEO, Pegasus Health; Paul Lonsdale, Councillor, Christchurch City Council; and Dr Tom Richardson,…