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Implementing Sticky Change

Implementing successful personal or organisational change is challenging. The number of New Year’s resolutions that don’t make it to February, is an example of personal change that, despite the very best intentions, is notoriously difficult to implement.

Growth Mindset: The Mindset for a Changing World

Do you dread making mistakes? And even more so when someone notices, and blames you for them?! Guess what? You probably both have the fixed mindset. This mindset expects you to be excellent (or some take it to the extreme, perfect) all the time. This is the mindset we see most of the time, if not always, when something goes wrong.

More About Mindset

Having recently explored the concepts around mindset, I've become a little fascinated and have taken the time to dig much deeper. I've realised that mindset isn't just about how we might respond to the need to change, it's about our world view of everything that we encounter in our lives…

Can you be an Effective Leader without a Growth Mindset?

Over the last couple of months, while anticipating, undergoing and recovering from major surgery, I've had pause to think a bit about the future. Not so much the future, but my future. Glimpses of mortality tend to concentrate the mind a bit. I’ve emphasised the and my because the distinction is pivotal to what I've been thinking about - that I don't have much influence over the future but I own my future for as long as I am me. ‘Owning my own future’ is a mindset – a personal belief.