Desirée Williamson


Customer-driven organisations recognise the imperative of being responsive to client needs and expectations. However, how do you deal with clients who are demanding or have unrealistic expectations? How do you say ‘no’ to a client, whilst maintaining a positive relationship?

This practical workshop provides practical tools and tips you can implement in everyday negotiations so you achieve more creative solutions and successful outcomes. You will learn key strategies to negotiate confidently in person and online, while maintaining a positive client relationship and achieving a win-win.

The interactive activities involve face-to-face and online negotiations.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:


I probably learnt more about my own behaviours in conflict situations. The tools learnt will help me with my own self confidence at work.

Course content was perfect and I am much better equipped to manage conflict.

Most interesting, worthwhile and beneficial for anyone working in the public domain.

Course participants

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