Designer and Facilitator

Kathryn Jackson


Linzi Ebbage-ThomasJulia Stockman


Fully Charged fills the void between thriving and burning out at work and is ideal for anybody seeking a deeper understanding about real and lasting resilience.

This is a course about the science of wellbeing and strength, designed to equip your people with tools and resources to grow self-managed resilience. It will not 'fix’ your workplace culture but will help your people to better operate within it. It will also not provide support for any employees who are distressed or in need of psycho-social support. Where this is the case, you should ensure they have access to clinical teams to help them.

The course has been designed for organisations so that staff can develop confidence in their ability to understand and talk about resilience at work.

The six research-informed workshops and resources generate curiosity and shared learning, as well as lasting change.

The course can be delivered either remotely or in person.

Learning Outcomes

Participation in this course will enable you to:

  • understand stressors at work – what causes them, how to recognise them and ways to navigate them better
  • grow confidence in recognising and talking about wellbeing with other people at work
  • recognise the difference between pressure, stress and burnout
  • use practical resources to help you proactively use wellbeing as a preventative factor at work
  • explore the link between wellbeing and resilience
  • consider practical ideas to keep yourself feeling good, functioning well and connected.


Workshop 1 – Foundations for Change

  • The story of Fully Charged
  • History of wellbeing and resilience
  • Understanding burnout
  • Rohnke, VUCA and Circle of Control

Workshop 2 – Mindset Impact

  • Foundations for recharging
  • Becoming optimistic and courageous
  • Emotions and mindset
  • Positive psychology

Workshop 3 – Harness Learning

  • Exploring growth mindsets
  • Becoming curious and confident
  • Noticing feedback and legacy
  • Learning frameworks

Workshop 4 – Power up Self-Care

  • Global wellbeing frameworks
  • Becoming mindful and energised
  • Self-care and spirituality
  • Sleep, movement and nutrition

Workshop 5 – Connections Matter

  • Science of connecting
  • Becoming connected and compassionate
  • Building deeper friendships
  • Digital flourishing

Workshop 6 – Staying Strong

  • Finding meaning and purpose
  • Career crafting
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Staying fully charged

Not just at work but in general I notice the negative self-talk more, and am changing that to a more positive outlook. I'm also understanding that it is OK to be a disrupter and challenge to people's thinking, ask more questions and create more engagement.

I am actively trying to not take on too many things and have found it quite satisfying delegating work. This has changed as a positive for not only me but my staff as well. I think they enjoy the challenge as well.

I have wellbeing discussions with people at work now to influence a positive culture of talking about wellbeing.

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